Dans Le Noir – In The Dark (sensory dining experience)

Take a bite out of life’s mysteries and dine in the dark. Surprise yourself with tastes, textures, smells, and seasonings of food you’ve never noticed before. Dans Le Noir provides not only a novel experience but also possesses depth to rival the darkest oceans. Servers are visually impaired and profits benefit worthy causes like The Vision Charity.

The blind lead the blind-folded in a sensory exploration that sheds light on another way of existing. Test and learn to trust your senses and those of your guide. You may be seated with strangers (although not separated from your party), you may be unsure if you’re eating delicious duck or succulent chicken, and while your eyes may not adjust, your “blind tasting” menu will be revealed after the meal.

This sounds like an amazing experience if you’re a bit adventurous. I was wary as a vegetarian, but read that they take all food allergies and preferences as a strict directive before forming your menu. There’s a deal today for the NYC branch, and you can read more about the concept and business model on their website.

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