Kari Saratovsky – the originial @socialcitizen – launches new strategy consulting company geared towards millennial engagement

KDS Strategies provides solutions to national and local organizations with a focus on innovative program design, strategic communications, and social media strategy development, all with a unique understanding of next generation engagement. From KDS’s first blog post:

With your help, we will begin to fill this space with authentic conversations that inspire generosity (giving and sharing of new ideas, platforms and approaches) with a fun and refreshing approach.   My focus at least for now, will center on how the rising generation of Millennials are driving change in a way that we have yet to fully see or appreciate across our institutions. These changes are due in large part to the rapid advancements in technology – but there’s also an entrepreneurial drive and desire to find meaning in our work that is playing a large part in how Millennials are influencing the organizational culture of institutions.

I think Kari has tremendous ideas and influence throughout the social good-driven world, and I’m looking forward to seeing the projects that her company signs on to. I’m guessing that the blog part of her page, too, will provide high-level, engaging commentary and conversation surrounding key issues, so you heard it hear folks… follow it!

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