Gay marriage religious protesters

Near Borough Hall today, everything was abuzz. There were people in wedding dresses and tuxedos, flowers everywhere, and onlookers from all walks of life. It was full of overall positive vibes, except for the absolutely frightening protestors yelling religious references and cursing people supporting or involved in the ceremonies. I don’t think they change many (if any?) minds or accomplish much when they protest this way, and I found it unnerving and hateful, but it was also a great reminder of why America (mostly) works and is great: folks can hold their own opinions and outwardly express them without government prosecution so long as it induces no harm or promise of harm. So what if we don’t agree with their opinions and it’s annoying how they verbalize those thoughts? At least everyone here is equally entitled to their belief system and can put that into the public discourse; it makes us all much more mindful of our own values, too.

Just a thought.

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