DIY Bridal Shower Game

I hosted my first bridal shower last week for my buddy Shal, who gets married to a lovely gentleman next month. She wanted a tea party theme, so here’s a fun game we played…. adapt at will!

British Language Jeopardy

Have the bride-to-be pick someone she wants to beat! She is a team captain, along with the bride-to-be. Have them alternate picking ladies for their team and sit on separate sides of the room.

Each team should come up with a good team name, which you (the host and scorekeeper) write on a pink score sheet posted to the wall. They should also pick a spokeswoman, for good measure. Then, explain that you will read 4 sets of 8-10 words/phrases that mean different things on opposite sides of the Atlantic. For each item that you read, the team that guesses correctly gets a point. If one team has already guessed incorrectly, however, the other team can get two points if they guess correctly.

At the end of 4 rounds, points are tallied, and teams can bet up to all of their total. Give a final phrase, a little bit trickier than the norm, and let them discuss their answer.

The winners should get a fun little prize. It’s a fun game for bonding, sharing champagne, and learning just how weird the British are!



bangers and mash










What is a ‘top toothy’?

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