Awesome Day Trip: Breakneck Ridge

Breakneck Ridge is a mountain just off Metro North with fairly rigorous hiking options. Armed with water, some empty coffee cups, Burts Bees Chapstick, and two bananas, Valerie and I hiked the white to blue to yellow trails, covering well over 6.5 miles of strenuous trail (not including the highway, which was a whole other story). There were a lot of boulders in the beginning, but it well worth the climb for this super cool tree:

and for this fantastically camouflaged and bumpy frog:

and for the randomly placed but gorgeous flowering trees:

The best moment was thinking we were alone on a beautiful peak (and therefore, singing and jumping around), only to realize we were not, and our company – Duke frat boys – saying nothing.

The worst moment was right in the beginning when we approached a terrible smell and I saw a dead doe right next to us and reacted by pushing Valerie out of harm’s way – into the road. We’re all alive, but the doe is still dead, and that was a bummer, and I’m a sort of bad friend with the best intentions.

The most unexpected friend we made was a striped chipmunk named Roosevelt.

The oddest moment in nature we experienced was a chirping rock. There of course was probably a cricket-like bug in a deep crevice, but it was truly bizarre how loud it was and hidden the noisemaker was. I also now think that rocks chirp because they are actually birds, which is probably not true, but I suppose one never knows.

The countries we saw people from for almost-sure were Germany, Australia, Korea, and England. We also might have seen some people from up to 6 other countries, but who’s counting. The number of children plus whiny adults we saw was 3.

The most fun fact we learned from walking-stick-style hikers is (that’s not even so fun) is that Emily Post, etiquette ‘queen’, stipulates that faced with a thin trail and traffic, folks hiking up have the right of way. [Editor’s note: her website doesn’t seem to actually advise this.]

The scariest moment wasn’t even on the hike, but on the road when we walked some miles to Cold Spring, because there were no sidewalks and many speeding cars and a dark tunnel. But, all was rewarded at Whistling Willies, where they had the most hearty and delicious veggie burger I’ve ever had.

This is a fabulous day trip from NYC that is both refreshing and exhausting. Make sure the weather will hold out before you go, and then GO!

Special Feature! Our Hiking Trading Cards: Limited Edition Only.

Valerie, completing mini-Stonehenge.

Me, wondering how to follow the white trail without being Alice in Wonderland.

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