My Staycation: Memorial Day Weekend

Best Staycation Ever. Here’s the recipe:

Ingredients: sunscreen, water, canvas bags, a credit card, some bagels, and good attitude

Friday Afternoon (summer fridays!) and Night: lunch w/ a hilariously dressed Murray Hill master and some wine, purchasing beautiful oak drawers from people around the corner who are moving, solid and low-key evening out in brooklyn with a good friend who finds kite fighting and ETs as funny as I do.

Saturday Day: a fouta in Prospect Park, some intense and unplanned ultimate frisbee, some homemade slaw, an assortment of new and old pals, little people (children… unavoidable), a baseball, a softball, a shuttlecock, and some coconut water ice.

Saturday Evening: dinner with visiting family, adventure in a college dorm (what I do for my cousins….), sitting inside a dog park for my first time EVER and petting multiple freaks of nature (that happened to be somewhat charming), and early to bed.

Sunday Day: Skyping with a super amazing woman and friend, hardcore cleaning, the ballet for the first of hopefully many more times this season, $4 margaritas served by disgruntled employees.

Sunday Night: Dinner with a good buddy, drink with same good buddy at an old favorite, early to bed.

Monday: Wake up to rain, wake up again hours later to a gorgeous day, bike ~30 miles with a new and old pal all over Manhattan and the Bronx and see some cool stuff, sign up (through pal) for my MaxFunCon classes (!!!!!!!), get a little sunburnt, make some bad jokes, meet another buddy for $5each Bridesmaids (worth a full price ticket, even!). Aloe waiting at home.


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