The conundrum of being busy

I love doing fun and exciting things. Here is a snapshot of my week to prove this point:

– Sunday, April 24: Work on a friend’s resume, brunch with parents, That Championship Game, use a Gilt dinner deal with a friend (ultimately turned into find another dinner spot)

– Monday, April 25: Full day at work, first softball game of the season, drinks with said team

– Tuesday, April 26: Full day at work, event featuring conversation with Sophie Delaunay of Doctors Without Borders, dinner with friend/coworker, work on blog post

– Wednesday, April 27: Bike to work early because my building won’t allow bikes after 5pm so I have to start work super early if I want to bike, full day at work, phone meeting for Young Friends of Tufts Advancement, Bridge (yes, the old lady card game that’s not just for old ladies anymore!), bike home

– Thursday, April 28: Full day at work, Aladdin sing-along extravaganza at The Bell House

– Friday, April 29: gym in the early morning, full day at work, watching Fast Five (?) somewhere with my friend who will be in town.

– Saturday, April 30: Brunch, blog, bike, laundry, bills, cleaning, party.

…all while trying to manage little things via email and quick calls when I can sneak in a minute. It’s totally the New York way, but that doesn’t make it easy.

It’s all good. I know. And it doesn’t sound that bad. But when every week is like that, it just becomes too much. So, I have a great time, but then I burn out and haven’t seen certain friends in awhile or taken care of errands/stuff I need to do. But then there’s more fun stuff to be done! More friends to see! It’s a repetitive cycle. At the end of the day, I know I thrive on it. But, the burnout part and the ignoring-some-things-to-do-other-things part gets to me. What to do!

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