Imagine giving a little something everyday….

That’s exactly what Carlo Garcia (Twitter, Tumblr) has been doing for the last year and counting. This year, he basically picked one nonprofit organization a day, researched and wrote about it, and then donated usually $5 or $10. The organizations could (and did!) then use Carlo’s giving to get others on board, and readers of Carlo’s blog were also motivated to give.

For Year II, Carlo has strategically tapped the Living Philanthropic following to give too. From his post about what’s to come:

What’s the plan?: For my part, I will be selecting 12 charities for the next year, starting in April 2011. One featured charity a month, you may see some of my past favorites as well as some newbies. Each month, I will be saving my daily donations (at least $1 a day) and donating that money in one lump sum to featured charity of the month. My hopes are to increase the impact and exposure for the featured charity. 

Take the pledge!: If you would like to join me or if you have already started your own mission of giving, why not take the Living Philanthropic pledge? Pledge to take the Living Philanthropic challenge! You can choose your level of commitment and path. I will be creating a page with links to everyone Living Philanthropic.

Tally it up!: After you’ve made your contributions whether time or money, be sure to add your give to the Living Philanthropic total, so we can keep track of our impact! Add your give to the tally here!

Blog with Me!: I want to blog with you! Anytime during Year 2, if you make a donation to a featured charity of the month and would like to write a post about it. I invite you to Contribute a post to Living Philanthropic! You can write anything you want, talk about why you decided to donate or share a personal story relating to the featured organization. My favorite part of year one has been hearing from you, so I want to share as many of your stories with everyone else as much as possible.

I’m on board. I love it. This is the kind of sincere, impactful giving that there should be more of. And, he shows that anyone is capable of giving in some way everyday (and has made the hashtag #giveeveryday popular!). AND, he highlights a truly remarkable set of organizations that are creating powerful change in society.

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