I hosted a Nomad; here’s what he said about it.

via the Nomad (Ed’s) blog (not same as his tumblr).

The NYC Nomad in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn (On Prospect Place)



With Jen, a fellow (younger) Tufts Jumbo who met my good friend and former host Pauline at an event.  As it was described to me, they were sitting on a comfortable couch together and someone started talking about couches. Naturally, Pauline started talking about my sometimes couchsurfing, mostly aerobedding project.   Jen was intrigued, emailed me, and about a month later I was staying at her lovely two bedroom apartment in Prospect Heights on a very comfortable pull out couch.  Her roommate Anna also welcomed me in for the week.  And it is a comfortable couch.


Jen and Anna also had keys for me.  It’s been a while since I haven’t had them (Bensonhurst, I think) and i kind of amazes me that I’ve been able to do this without keys on a few occasions.



Zaytoons – I’d go to this place at least once a week if I lived here.  Cheap ($5 wine) and delicious selection of middle eastern food. Anna, Jen and I went there the night I arrived.

Franny’s –  One of my top 5 dining experiences in the past 5 months.  Great bartenders, food and drinks.  A tell tale sign of an excellent restaurant is when someone who works there stops in for a bite to eat at the bar on a day off.  We were sitting next to one such person, a waitress, who insisted that we taste dish.  That probably sounds weird to people, but it wasn’t. Franny’s is that kind of place.  The bartender piqued my curiosity in grappa and let us taste some of homemade blood orange grappa.  We had a citrus salad, a penne dish with cabbage and chilies (Jen’s recommendation) and a vegetarian pizza.  It is a neighborhood spot through and through and I loved it.  They same ownership owns Brooklyn Larder, a great (if expensive) cheese shop in the nabe.  Which leads me too…

Brooklyn Larder – I brought some cheese and bread back for my hosts.  I think I may have enjoyed it more than they did.  The girl working there told me the chocolate caramel bar had a cult following.  I joined the cult.

Bark – Cool spot with nice tables, good burgers, hot dogs, and delicious Onion rings


Bergen Bagels – Jen (like most people who love their nabe) says her neighborhood has the best bagels.  The whole wheat Pumpernickel was solid and the line flows out the door. I had fun on a Saturday watching people come and go while I ate my bagel there.  If you want to know the faces of the people who live in Prospect Heights, just go hang out there on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Worked Out

One of my co-workers told me I’m whoring myself out to gyms, which quite frankly I am fine with.  As a rule, I kind of hate the gym, but I took some great classes this week including “Chiseled” with Jen. I’m trying to figure out why I’m generally the only male who goes to these classes under his own free will. Anyway, Jen hooked me up with a 2 week trial membership which worked out because I happen to be in Prospect Park for two weeks (different hosts).  One of the guys who works there even told me about the nomadding film festival. I’m looking for someone to do a short piece for the festival if anyone is interested or knows someone that might be.

Played Catch

With Jen in Prospect Park.  She supplied the baseball and gloves, and she has a good arm!


Inexcusably, playing a board game with Jen.  She has quite the collection, and even is coming up with one of her own.  I also missed some restaurants, but I’ll save listing those until I actually leave the nabe.

A recap of week 2 in Prospect Heights with Jared and Amanda is coming, but not before I post my interview with Jen. She interviewed me too for her tumblr, and I’ll post that when she does.

Interview post of sorts coming soon. Meanwhile, do you have questions for me about hosting Ed?

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