Awesome social game design opportunity!

I’d love to partner with anyone out there who wants to work on an idea…I have a few myself but it takes a team to really elevate and finesse ideas into a solid piece of work. The essence: design a real-world game that will leave a real and positive impact on NYC. See below for the full concept.

The Come Out & Play Festival and Games for Change are excited to announce a joint call for a real-world game that will leave a real and positive impact on New York City.  The game will be featured in this summer’s brand new Come Out & Play Summer Series of street games running in downtown Manhattan at the River to River Festival.  The game will run Sunday June 19, Father’s Day, in New York City.  The designers will then also have the chance to present their design and findings at the Games for Change Festival which opens the following day, June 20, in New York City and runs through June 22.

As we do each year at Come Out & Play, we’re looking for the most interesting and innovative real-world games we can help showcase to the world.  For the COaP & Games for Change’s first Real-world Games for Change Challenge, we’re looking for a game that will be played out in the real-world, be it on the streets or in a park that leaves the world a slightly better place.  The critical part of your design challenge: include a mechanic that drives players to leave an actual positive change on the area where the game was played.

Enter the challenge by submitting your game here:

Submissions are due by April 15, 2011.

COaP and Games for Change will select one game to fund the designers and help them with developing the game.  The winning designers will receive $5,000 to implement their game idea and have it ready to run for the New York City public on June 19.  (This will be payable half upon selection and the balance on June 19.) The game should be playable in lower Manhattan below Chambers Street.  It should also seek to engage a minimum of 200 people over the duration of the game. We will do our best to help you secure any necessary permissions to run the game.

The constraints:

  • Leave an actual positive change on the area where the game is played
  • Playable in public in New York City anywhere below Chambers Street
  • The game should be designed so that a minimum of 200 individuals can play over the duration of the game.
  • It will be the responsibility of the designer to document (photos or video) the game play so that the game’s design and execution can be shared as part of their presentation during the Games for Change Festival on Wednesday, June 22.
  • Must be able to run Sunday, June 19

This is not part of the regular call for Come Out & Play Festival games. That will follow soon.

About Come Out & Play
Come Out & Play provides a forum for new types of street, mobile and location-based games.  We bring together players eager to explore the world around them, with designers interested in producing innovative new games and experiences.  Oh yeah, and we have city-sized fun.  This year Come Out & Play is joining forces with Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and the River to River Festival to present a series of featured games along with a one-day field day of experimental work on Governor’s Island in July.

About Games for Change Festival
Games for Change is the leading global advocate for supporting and making games for social impact. The Games for Change Festival is the largest gaming event in New York City and the only international event uniting “games for change” creators, the public, civil society, academia, the gaming industry and media.  The 8th Annual edition will take place June 20 – 22 at NYU Skirball Center. For more info see www.gamesforchange.orgfestival

About River to River Festival
The River To River Festival takes place each summer in a variety of public venues that canvas all of Downtown New York – from Chambers Street down to the southern tip of Manhattan and across the island from river to river. A world-class performing arts festival with a broad sweep of programming and free admission, River to River aims to enhance the vitality of cultural life in Lower Manhattan, to support its economic and social health, and to generate new audiences for the arts of our city. By removing barriers to the experience of live arts by free admission and by presentation at popular, mostly outdoor, public venues, we aspire to attract diverse audiences. For more info on the festival see

For more information contact:
Greg Trefry
Come Out & Play
Festival Director

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