This should tick you off. Do something about it.

Planned Parenthood might lose all of it’s federal funding thanks to Representative Mike Pence and his entirely illogical cohorts. Even if you are against abortions, Planned Parenthood does so much more than that. In fact, that’s only 3% of their services. More than 2/3 of services are providing contraception and doing STD screenings and treatment. They understand that abstinence isn’t practiced by most young adults, and they provide important education and are a trusted sexual health resource for people who are making adult choices but may have nowhere else to go. Their reach is huge and they are highly valued by men, women, and teens everywhere. Without this funding, services will be cut drastically and more efforts will need to be spent on fundraising instead of serving the 3+ million who go to Planned Parenthood centers or affiliates each year. And, even if you’re against abortion, it doesn’t make sense to cut all funding.

If you’re as angered by this as I am, DO SOMETHING

  • Stand with Planned Parenthood on Facebook

Let’s not let one of the best national public health resources go unsupported by our government. Planned Parenthood is a key player in the sexual and reproductive health of our country.

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