Dear People Who Wear Perfume on the Subway

If I can smell your perfume given my awful sense of smell, you’re wearing too much. You might not mean to have so little regard for others, but especially on those jam-packed, rush hour trains with failing air conditioning that gets stuck for endless minutes between stops, you make people very unhappy. It’s usually at the level of day-ruining. It becomes legitimately hard to breathe for the asthmatics among us, sickening for the nauseous among us, and mood-altering for the less than splendiferous among us. And the smell sticks. It can’t help you either: people glare at you with purpose; it doesn’t actually disguise your lingering cigarette smoke; it doesn’t attract a nice partner. Be smart. Don’t wear abrasive perfume on the subway. If you must wear it, put it on after.



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