Dear Bike Riders,

If you are biking on the sidewalk, I am concerned for both your safety and mine. Our great city of New York is working ever-so-hard to accommodate you on the roads (in fact, it’s the law that you bike there), and yet, you’re rejecting it. I’m talking to you, restaurant delivery men (no, I’m not sexist; I’ve never seen a woman do it). You expect pedestrians to move out of your way while you bike ever so luxuriously, veering sharply around obstructions without regard for others who are rightfully there. You act entitled and godlike, which is fine by me except that its manifestation is frightening. You should be a little frightened too; the one time I broke the rules I got doored by a port-a-potty, which I do not recommend to anyone. You’re an obstacle to people; there are obstacles to you; there’s a better, legal, safer, smoother option; be smart. Bike on the road. Don’t give people a reason to hate bikers.



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