Please join me in supporting OpportunityNation!

Please join me in supporting OpportunityNation, a new campaign of Be the Change Inc. that will change the United States of America in three specific and important ways.

First, OpportunityNation seeks to build a national dialogue on opportunity. They believe opportunity is a core American value, and that it desperately needs to be injected into the public conversation. With commitment, intelligence, and partnership, they believe they can reenergize this public value in American discourse as a vital national goal.

Second, OpportunityNation seeks to change policy. They will create a broad umbrella of citizens, groups, and companies that includes conservatives, moderates and progressives. Their challenge and their commitment will be to come together around a set of specific actions that will expand opportunity in America.

Finally, OpportunityNation seeks to build a permanent broader coalition. They aim to create relationships between typical and unusual partners that last long beyond this project, and that are a platform for future endeavors to protect and extend opportunity.

OpportunityNation believes that everyone has worthy ideas, abilities, and connections to contribute. They have begun to hold community and youth listening sessions, and these dialogues and other grassroots engagement will be central to their efforts. They will highlight what’s working on the ground to create pathways out of poverty and promote opportunity and mobility and create opportunities for every sector – citizens, corporate, nonprofit, communities, government – to be a part of the solution.

OpportunityNation will depend on us and our fellow Americans for ideas, stories, and contributions—of our time, our skills and our willingness to spread the word to our family and friends.

You can visit their website at to learn more about the campaign and find ways to engage!

Please join me in supporting OpportunityNation!

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