Dear First Lady Michelle,

This made me LOL.


Dear Michelle,

Can I borrow some money so we can move into an apartment and buy a new Mustang convertible? I don’t mean to waste money. I will use some of the money to buy a drum set and have a cool pool. Can I have $10,000 to buy my passport to go to Las Vegas? Send me a picture of the White House and the statue of Abraham Lincoln.

— LUIS MOLINA, age 10, Los Angeles

How excited do you think Little Luis will be when he finds out he can get to Vegas for way less than $10,000 and he doesn’t even need a passport?

Dear Obama family,

I am going to be in the second grade. Do you get a lot of threats? I have nine rooms in my house. I would like to be the first woman to become president. Our dads know each other.

— MIKAELA EWING, age 7, Chicago

Talk about a non sequitur, Mikaela. “I am seven. Do a lot of people try to murder you?”

Dear Michelle Obama,

Please bring me scary stories like the ones my second-grade teacher has. For example, a book full of scary stories that are very, very scary. Bring me a thing to put my books in because I have a lot of books and they are too heavy in my backpack. Please bring me a cute fish too, like the ones in “Finding Nemo.”

— JUAN BENITEZ, age 7, San Francisco

I think Juan is confusing the First Lady with Santa.

I freaking love kids.

If you’re not smiling yet, reread.

Dear First Lady Michelle,

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