IntenSati is amazing. I’ve got a feeling…

I needed some more endorphins and stability in my life, so I joined a gym. Then today, I went to another, more snobby scary all-out gym. I did an abs class and then IntenSati with the amazing Natalia. I don’t love working out, but this was awesome.

IntenSati’s all about positive affirmations while you’re getting a fantastic cardio and lower body workout. It was great for all levels of fitness, and even though it seemed to have a sort of crazy cult following, I felt accepted and helped along for the whole hour. Here’s a sample of some of what you say, nay, EXCLAIM!, while you’re going through the movements:

Every single day I say

My life is amazing

Because I make it that way!

I have found my passion…

I believe

in taking action!

It’s quite liberating and positive and for the first time in a long time, I felt my optimism and strength outweigh my frustrations and cynicism. That’s some pretty powerful hippie exercise stuff. I’m hooked, even though it’s not at my gym. Natalia is very encouraging and might give you a guest pass if you email her, so I strongly encourage you to check it out soon! I’ll be back for sure.

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