Games Excitement!

Sometimes, I get a little bummed that people don’t seem as into games (especially board games) as I do. I mean, in my mind, what could be more fun?! I love the teamwork and competition, the strategy and the curveballs, the set-up and winning, and following (or making up) the rules. They keep my mind flexible and excited.

Monday night, I played Risk with 3 friends who don’t tend to get as excited to play board games as I do, but it was the best night ever. Beyond winning by using max as a pawn + conservative expansion for most of the game, I enjoyed a solid night of food, friends, and legit excitement over a game that lasted for hours. I’m still on a high from it sort of.

(that’s me being genuinely over-enthusiastic, steve, and max. photo courtesy of @lloydsoldout‘s iPhone 4)

Talked with a coworker about the game yesterday, and he was perplexed that I swept the board in a turn. He said he and his friends play with the maximum of 12 armies in a country rule. innnnnteresting.

THEN, last night, the (Accidental) Zumbafreaks! competed in the 7th Board Game Olympics hosted by Metro Metro. We Tabooed, Connect Foured, Battleshipped, Memoried, Jengaed, and (got terribly unlucky with) Trivial Pursuit. We thought we had a chance at winning, but we didn’t, and that was ok too, because it was really a blast. Everyone who goes to these things is sort of like us: people who are cool enough to go to bars sometimes, but in touch with our inner nerd enough to pay $7.50 each to play games with strangers for a night. We met some cool Australians who (barely) beat us at Jenga and who we (barely) beat at Taboo, and I played this hilariously sweet girl Elise in Battleship who actually felt bad every time I missed a ship, because you know, Battleship is super intense.

Elise’s teammate Hannah was bragging about her awesome blog that only 23 people regularly read, so I came home and read it to make 24. It’s worth bragging about and sort of struck a chord with me – It’s basically all about having fun through theme parties board games, scavenger hunts, and other DIY type things!!!!!┬áIt’s stuff I talk about here and there and get such a kick out of hearing about. You should read it too and maybe use some ideas from it.

Twitter recs for board games: @seizeyourturn, @OnBoardGames, @thedicetower

I’m done being long winded. Now go play a game. Or invite yourself over if you have no friends, and I’ll play.

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