Unlocking NYC: Trinity Church and Brooklyn Museum

With my Key to the City in hand, I recently went on two adventures. If you haven’t been faithfully reading my blog (shame!), you can check out what this way cool project is and how my adventure started here.

Trinity Church – This gem is a 5 minute walk from my office and I had never been there. The key unlocks the gate to the cemetery where notables from the years of the revolutionary war and on are buried. The gate is open during the day for tours, but I did test out the key (it works!), so I’ll probably return for an Alexander Hamilton seance, or something. It was pretty neat reading the old gravestones (the valor! the humor! the descriptions of character!) and thinking about the dates as they correspond to the early history of our country. The inside of the church itself had incredible Gothic architecture and a real embodiment of spiritualness. Learning about the long history of the still-active church was incredible too. A few pictures are below.

Brooklyn Museum – This is one of my favorite places to go on a too-hot or rainy day, but key in hand, I went back to find the secret 5th floor door. It unlocked a somewhat underwhelming (or do I just not have the right palate for all art?) closet with a few neat works and accompanying description below. It was still neat though to open this “hidden” door and have a tourist lady stare at me like I was Hermione Granger. Also at the museum right now is a great new Andy Warhol exhibit and some awesome toilet-paper people residing in the historic houses on display. A mandatory picture of me with the secret door is below.

that’s me with alex hamilton

it’s hard to read, but I think James was a well-liked guy.

life…death…artistic thoughts.

terrible picture with the hidden art. thanks steve.

Let the adventures continue!!!

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