Foursquare – a one month adventure

Beginning tomorrow, i will begin a one month foursquare adventure. If I like it, maybe I’ll stay; if not, I’ll quit and never do it again.

Motivation: I made fun of Twitter for being just plain silly, said I’d try it if ever I had a weird urge to tweet twice in one day, had that urge and tried it, love it and haven’t looked back. Parallel here – I wanted to check in at Tompkins Square Park today because it was so beautiful out and I have an evil desire to be the mayor, and wanted to check in at Lil Frankies because it’s so darn good and Pat did it. So, now I joined, and will give it a shot starting tomorrow.

Major Questions: How can I ever be a competitor for a mayor or a badge or points by getting in so late in the game? Will I have evidence of my here-there-everywhere life? Will I remember to check in? Will I attempt to cheat and check in falsely or after the fact? Am I going to get annoyed by it? Will I actually learn about new places on it? Will I end up being “one of those people” who connects my checkins with either facebook or twitter or (worse!) both?

Redeeming Qualities: Everybody’s doing it. Potential to learn about new places. Potential to be a mayor. Ability to know even more about the lives of people I already know too much about via internet sources. 

Prediction: I will have major qualms, but remain a casual user after the month because I’ll be so close to some crazy badge or something and want to reach that benchmark, and then another…

Please give me tips if there are any to be had, and either way, enjoy watching me self-destruct this month during this crazy venture.

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