Alabama is a weird place.

There are some strange tax laws out there (yes, I google these things, try it sometime). Folks living in Alabama should buy their playing cards somewhere else. According to their state tax code (40-12-144): 

…every person, firm, corporation, club or association within the State of Alabama which sells or stores or uses or otherwise consumes packages of playing cards containing not more than 54 cards to the deck or package shall pay to the State of Alabama for state purposes only a license or privilege tax of $.10 per package or deck, such tax to be evidenced by revenue stamps, and the stamps in all cases to be affixed to the individual package. 

That’s crazy. It’s a good thing that lots of people got the memo and got out of that horrible environment. They also prohibit driving the wrong way down a one-way street if you have a lantern attached to the front of your automobile, men spitting in front of women, and wearing a fake mustache that causes laughter in a church. Alabama ruins everything.

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