Farmville….why is it so popular?

I like games, but I just don’t get Farmville. Maybe it’s because I haven’t tried it, and maybe because the constant Facebook updates in my newsfeed are annoying as hell. I also am partial to board games with social interaction, not role play or simulation games like WoW or Second Life, which frankly are pathetic outlets… Continue reading Farmville….why is it so popular?

High School Facebook Friends and Erving Goffman

I got facebook friended today by someone else from my really large high school that I really don’t remember. We have 52 friends in common, of whom I really remember (beyond the name) about 2/3 and was for real friends (at the time) with about 3/13. I accepted friendship. I say that it’s because denying… Continue reading High School Facebook Friends and Erving Goffman