9 image banks that don’t just feature skinny white people

Plus-size female model stands looking at a person in glasses seated with their laptop in an office setting. Another person stands at a table with their laptop in the background.

Even though stock images are nobody's first choice, images are necessary for conveying stories, smart design, and marketing. Diverse photos aren't just about seeing people of different colors, sizes, genders, and abilities. (In fact, photos that appear to simply check these boxes are colloquially labeled "the diversity photo," which can do more harm than good at times.)

7 ways to increase personal happiness during COVID-19

The right half of an envelope featuring four stamps: The Voice of America, Little Women, the Pony Express, and a statue of Liberty air mail

I am taking the Science of Well-Being course through Coursera and Yale (free! highly recommend!), and a valuable reminder it offers is that doing things for others significantly increases happiness. For the first time, we're forced to think about how to practice this at a distance. Here are 7 practices to increase your happiness by being kind to others from a distance: