Listen to this podcast that I produced with a great team at the Foundation Center. It’s the first of four in our new GrantCraft series:

Shaping the Future of Philanthropy: Voices from Next Gen Donors

In this month-long series, we explore the values, motivations, and stories of the up-and-coming generation of philanthropists. This series complements research conducted by 21/64 and the Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University released earlier this year and our related GrantCraft analysis. Episodes will be released the next three Wednesdays, so check back to the GrantCraft website.

I also wrote a related blog post about how I connect personally with this episode and topic.

This week’s Relatively Prime podcast centers around a game I wish I could win more effectively: checkers. Give it a listen, and see the below description to get you hooked.

You may not think of checkers as an important game intellectually. It certainly has never had the cachet of chess. That did not stop it from becoming the obsession of the University of Alberta computer science professor for nearly two decades and the center of one of the most ambitious Artificial Intelligence projects ever undertaken. This is their story.

I was a guest on the awesome mischievous exploits + games + chit chat + charity-benefiting podcast Flee The Scene! It was a pranks episode in which we also discuss horrible cat noises, scamming old people, the Penn State racquetball scandal, and inventing a dumb charity. I played True Crime and Unbelievable Laws for LIFT and gosh was it a nail-biter….

I also needed to give something back. I made good on my promise.

I was on a Canadian radio show because of a neat segment on bedbug reproduction that I did with Matt Long-Middleton. The sex positive show, Audio Smut, airs on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal once a month. The audio clip here is just my science-informed, comedy-enhanced segment, but if you have time, listen to the full episode because it’s super interesting and it gives context!

[Editor’s note: The faint of heart and mind should be aware of potential danger in this clip.]

My buddy samuelhansen shared this neat new episode of his brand new podcast today and it’s well worth a listen whether you consider yourself a math/science person or not. His note:

I have just started a new podcast over at about the great rivalries behind science called Science Sparring Society. The first episode is Newton Vs. Leibniz, in other words the story of the Calculus War.

I find it really easy to follow, interesting, and jam-packed with cool information that I probably wouldn’t find anywhere else. There’s clearly a ton of thought that went into this.

Sam’s also been keeping me appraised of his progress on this and other projects regularly through our accountability partnership, and it’s been quite fun to hear how hard he’s working on everything!