Side Hustles

I take on side projects as possible because (1) I like to travel and eat out and (2) I like un-sticking people and teams. My consulting falls into a few buckets: personal brand development, resume and cover letter editing, facilitation, “and more.”

Personal brand development: Unlock opportunities by working with me on developing and strengthening your personal brand. We’ll discuss your goals, audit your current brand, and map out what you need to do to represent yourself authentically and intentionally. $750 for pre-work plus a two hour session.

Resume and cover letter editing: Improve your first impression on a hiring manager by working with me on whipping your resume and cover letter into shape. Clients walk away with stronger job application materials and also a clearer understanding of the goal of these documents. My process is simple: you’ll send me your document(s) in an editable format along with a link to a job or fellowship you have in mind; I thoroughly mark it up and send back to you; you circle back to me with any lingering questions. A conversation is not a part of my process, though I will let you know if I think one would be mutually helpful and within scope. I will not completely rewrite anything, but rather flag suggestions, edits, and questions that will lead you to strengthening their own story. $170 for complete resume edit (inquire for CV pricing); $250 for complete edit of resume plus cover letter; $375 for the above plus an hour-long mock interview with feedback or strategy session over video conferencing.

Facilitation: I am a trained human-centered design facilitator and amateur comedic improviser. I have designed and led hundreds of workshops, meetings, retreats, and events in numerous contexts. A large part of my design process is understanding the goals and context of the conveners, key stakeholders, and attendees to bring clarity, focus, and intentionality to the gathering itself. Humor a key tool. Pricing based on the scope and timeline of work.

“And more”: Like all side hustlers, I do other consulting on a case-by-case basis too. I’ve facilitated board meetings, built websites from WordPress templates, provided communications strategies, gone deep on UX, and more. This is also where the “can I pick your brain 25x” requests fall. Let me know what you want my brain on and if I have capacity, I’ll price it out for you and we can make it happen. Oh, I also officiate weddings.

Payment fine print: Related custom services available upon request. There is a 10% discount for the first two buckets if you currently are a student, teacher, or nonprofiteer. Payment is by Venmo (preferred) or check.

“Jen helped bring out the best in my materials. She was strategic and smart in shaping my story and partnered with me to ask questions and spark new thinking. Then, she brought an attentive and careful eye to the final version of my resume. She is an incredible writer and copy-editor, but more importantly, an astute strategist.”
-Naomi R., content strategist

“Jen is an absolute gem! She is extremely responsive and willing to customize her services to meet exactly what your’e looking for. She was able to help me tease out more detail of my day to day role so that my resume accurately showcases my strengths and abilities. I’ve already seen an uptick in people reaching out to me. I feel so confident with how everything turned out. Jen is also a pleasure to work with – so authentic and has tons of experience. You can tell she really cares about her clients!”
-Roberta D., project manager

“Jen helped me update my resume and cover letter so that I felt confident about my prospect of landing an interview. If it wasn’t for her professional feedback and expertise, I’m not sure that I’d be able to compete.”
-Toral M., philanthropy professional

Referrals are always appreciated!

This is me on a hike with girlfriends in Carmel, CA. This is what my side hustle enables!