Values and Approach

Top values: justice, authenticity, joy, and connection

What you need to know: I lead with kindness and challenge. Colleagues, friends, and others regularly approach me as a sincere, detail-oriented sounding board, and I often connect dots in unlikely ways. Human-centered design facilitation (and post-it notes) and improvisation are two of my most useful tools. I’m an avid board game player, which translates into genuine appreciation for piloting new approaches, solving multi-faceted problems, reading the room, forging partnerships, and even failure. I value stories and lived experience just as much as data. Some of my best experiences have emerged from seeing an open door and walking through it.

DiSC profile: iD with challenge tendencies.

Enneagram: Type 8.

VIA Character Strengths Top 5: kindness, social intelligence, leadership, love, perspective